#1 Cannabis Stock for 2020 - GTBIF

Anyone looking to invest in Illinois going legal on January 1, 2020, needs to know about this stock.

Green Thumb Industries (CSE: GTI, OTC:
GTBIF) is one of the largest cannabis companies in the US and is a direct play on Illinois’s legalization. GTI is headquartered in Chicago, and it’s one of the largest cannabis companies in the state.

GTI owns two cultivation centers in Illinois and five medical cannabis dispensaries.


Those medical cannabis dispensaries put GTI in the perfect position to capitalize on recreational cannabis. Companies that operate medical dispensaries are receiving the first licenses to sell recreational cannabis, and all five of GTI’s medical dispensaries in Illinois have been licensed to sell recreational cannabis.

This early jump into Illinois’s recreational cannabis market gives GTI a big advantage over the competition. Other Illinois cannabis companies will be waiting for months (possibly years) to get a license, while GTI will be selling recreational cannabis on the very first day of the year.

GTI is Also a Play on the High-Growth Northeast Cannabis Market

GTI isn’t just a play on Illinois.

This is one of the largest cannabis companies in the U.S. with an impressive portfolio of cannabis assets in 12 other states.

GTI’s portfolio includes:


  • 13 cultivation centers
  • 32 open dispensaries
  • 95 retail license in high-growth states

GTI is focused on cannabis markets with the most growth potential. For example, GTI is heavily concentrated in the Northeast. Cannabis is already legal in Massachusetts and Maine. But even more important, New York and New Jersey are both looking to legalize in 2020.

Once again, GTI is in position to capitalize, with a heavy concentration of cultivation facilities and dispensaries in the region. 


GTI is Down 50% from the 52-Week High in 2019


GTI has been weak with the broader cannabis sector in 2019. Shares are down about 50% from the 52-week high.


I don’t view that as a sign that the company is underperforming. Expectations have been running red hot in the cannabis sector, and many of these stocks were trading with sky-high valuations. 


This recent pullback has helped to normalize valuations. It has also created an opportunity for new investors to enter the market.


The Big Picture on GTI in 2020


Green Thumb is a promising young cannabis company headquartered in Chicago. 


It’s an early industry leader, one of the largest cannabis companies in the US and a direct play on Illinois going legal on January 1. 


I expect shares to be volatile in the short run. But, in the long run, I believe that Green Thumb is set to prosper from Illinois and the broader US cannabis market with its impressive portfolio of cannabis assets.


This massive potential is why I believe Green Thumb (GTI) will be a standout stock in 2020!


I hope you enjoyed this little report.


I think that 2020 is going to be a fantastic year for the cannabis sector. While the overall market will be met with great uncertainty, there are a number of positive catalysts that should help cannabis stocks obtain healthy growth.


Keep in mind that not all stocks will have the same growth (or any growth at all). As your professional guide, I’ll continue to send you my daily analysis and trade alerts for my model portfolio.


I am grateful to have you as a member, and I look forward to capturing cannabis profits right along with you in 2020!

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