Popularity Stock Play on Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Oils

Cannabis concentrates is the fastest growing cannabis subsector. That’s what leading cannabis research firm Arcview Research says in a recent report published with BDS Analytics.

Arcview projected that cannabis concentrate sales would grow 49% in the second half of 2018, reaching $3 billion for the year. Looking forward, Arcview predicts that annual concentrate sales will hit $8.4 billion by 2022, more than doubling in the next four years.

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California Cuts Marijuana Tax Revenue Projections

State of California

California is paying a price for the shaky rollout of its legal marijuana market.

State budget documents released Thursday show the Newsom administration is sharply scaling back what it expects to collect in cannabis tax revenue through June 2020 — a $223-million cut from projections just four months ago.

The reduced income for the state treasury means that slower-than-expected pot sales are punching a hole in California’s budget. Continue reading “California Cuts Marijuana Tax Revenue Projections”

Is it Too Late to Invest in Cannabis Stocks?

It is easily the biggest misconception about cannabis stocks. It’s preventing millions of people from capitalizing on the greatest investment opportunity of my lifetime, and every day the sector rises it only gets worse.

What am I talking about? It’s the #1 question we receive at Cannabis Stock Trades.

Is it too late to invest in cannabis stocks?

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Gen Z Will Be the Ultimate Pot Consumers

America’s Generation Z is coming of age in a whole new world of weed.

This large cohort, which already has big-time spending power as the oldest age into high school and college, is formulating its consumption habits at a time when marijuana muscles into the mainstream. Unlike their Gen X or Boomer parents, Gen Z shoppers have only known a time where cannabis is edging toward acceptance, with California voting to legalize medical use in 1996—a year before even the oldest Gen Z consumers were born. Continue reading “Gen Z Will Be the Ultimate Pot Consumers”

3 Cannabis Stocks With Impressive Dividend Yields

For dividend investors, the cannabis sector looks pretty scary.

This high-growth sector has a reputation for extreme volatility, unpredictable earnings reports, and mega-acquisitions that can stress the balance sheet.

While these traits hold true for a large segment of the cannabis sector, many investors don’t realize is that there is a hidden class of cannabis stocks that completely buck the trend.

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