Play Germany’s Medical Market with Canadian Cannabis Leader

Europe is in position to grow into the largest cannabis market in the world in the next four years. Cannabis companies with an early presence in Europe’s high-growth cannabis industry are in position to capitalize.

Today I am going to reveal an early cannabis industry leader out of Canada that just became one of the first companies to import medical cannabis into Germany – giving it a valuable first-mover advantage over the competition. Continue reading “Play Germany’s Medical Market with Canadian Cannabis Leader”

Canopy Down 50% from 52-Week High – Buy or Sell?

Green Stock Chart

If you like 50% off coupons, it’s time to look at the world’s largest cannabis company.

This early industry leader is poised to dominate the global cannabis market as the industry explodes in the next few years.

It is the only company in the industry to sign a multi-billion dollar partnership with one of the largest alcohol companies in the world.

Shares are up more than 1,000% in last three years. Continue reading “Canopy Down 50% from 52-Week High – Buy or Sell?”

Medical Marijuana Companies Continue Expanding in Puerto Rico

Medical marijuana firms are continuing to flock to the island, with the latest investments announced by Cansortium, Columbia Care and Bhang.

Cansortium recently announced that it was opening its second Fluent medical marijuana dispensary in Puerto Rico. Columbia Care is set to launch “vertically integrated operations” on the island, including a dispensary in San Juan and a cultivation and manufacturing facility in Cidra. Bhang, meanwhile, has signed a deal to distribute its more than 25 cannabidiol (CBD) brands to the island. Continue reading “Medical Marijuana Companies Continue Expanding in Puerto Rico”

CBD Consumers Using Medications Less Often, Cutting Back On Alcohol

Booming interest in products containing cannabidiol (CBD), a therapeutic chemical compound found in cannabis, has resulted in over half of CBD users consuming less prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications and supplements, along with over 20% of CBD users consuming alcoholic beverages less frequently, according to a new study by cannabis consumer insights consultants High Yield Insights (HYI). Continue reading “CBD Consumers Using Medications Less Often, Cutting Back On Alcohol”

The #1 Undervalued Canadian Cannabis Stock

Cannabis Background

If Warren Buffett looked at the cannabis sector, he would probably be terrified.

Buffett has built his fortune on value stocks – and with expectations running red hot for the global cannabis industry, many of the best cannabis stocks are trading with sky-high valuations.

However – one early industry leader is breaking the mold.

There is one early leader in Canada’s high-growth cannabis industry that value investors need to know about right now. Continue reading “The #1 Undervalued Canadian Cannabis Stock”

Alabama Commission Considers Medical Marijuana Proposal

A 15-person panel in Alabama convened for the first time Tuesday to consider whether medical marijuana is right for the state.

The panel, known as the Medical Cannabis Study Commission, was born out of a bill to legalize medical cannabis that was introduced in the Alabama state legislature earlier this year. As lawmakers called for more information, the legislation was shifted from a proposal to legalize medical marijuana to instead appoint a commission to study the issue. Continue reading “Alabama Commission Considers Medical Marijuana Proposal”