Are Cannabis Stocks Immune to Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is becoming a serious problem for the global economy and global stocks.

As the mysterious virus rages across the planet, global stocks are taking a beating.

The Chinese economy is grinding to a halt. Oxford Economics, a global economic research firm, recently predicted that coronavirus could reduce global growth by 1.3%, equal to $1.1 trillion in lost income. Continue reading “Are Cannabis Stocks Immune to Coronavirus?”

Canopy Jumps 25% on Strong Q3 Results: New Rally in 2020?

Cannabis investors looking for a reason to be optimistic about 2020 just got a huge blast of great news.

Canopy Growth Corp (TSX: WEED, NYSE: CGC), the largest cannabis company in the world, jumped as much as 25% in one day after reporting better than expected third-quarter results.

The good news sent CGC and other cannabis stocks rocking. While those short-term gains are promising, this report may signal that cannabis stocks are ready to rebound in 2020.

Continue reading “Canopy Jumps 25% on Strong Q3 Results: New Rally in 2020?”

Pick-and-Shovel Cannabis Stock Already up 14% in 2020

During the US gold rush of 1850, there were two main ways to cash in. The first was mining for gold. While some prospectors did strike it big, many went broke and never found a thing. The second way to capitalize on this big event was by selling picks and shovels to miners. This didn’t offer the huge upside potential of finding gold, but it was less risky and still profitable.

I see the same dynamic unfolding in today’s cannabis industry. You have companies that are looking to strike it big with direct cannabis sales, and you have companies sitting in the shadows while playing a supportive role and making money.

One pick-and-shovel cannabis stock is burning up the charts and I see more gains ahead. Continue reading “Pick-and-Shovel Cannabis Stock Already up 14% in 2020”

Bernie Could Send This Stock Soaring

Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders (D), just emerged as the most cannabis-friendly US presidential candidate.

Sanders revealed that, if elected, he would legalize cannabis in every US state through executive action on his first day in office.

At an Iowa rally, Sanders said, “We will end the destructive war on drugs. On my first day in office through executive order, we will legalize marijuana in every state in this country.” Continue reading “Bernie Could Send This Stock Soaring”