Cannabis Sales Surge on Coronavirus – 2 Reasons it Matters

Medical Cannabis

Coronavirus is having a devastating effect on many industries in the United States and across the globe.

For example, millions of US citizens are canceling travel plans and that is crushing US airline industry revenue. That’s why the US airline industry just asked for a $50 billion financial bailout from the federal government that would be three times the size of the airline bailout after September 11. Continue reading “Cannabis Sales Surge on Coronavirus – 2 Reasons it Matters”

Is Joe Biden Good for Cannabis Stocks?

Last week we saw a big shift in the US political landscape. This shift has important implications for the US cannabis industry and cannabis investors need to know about it.

After a strong performance on Super Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden has surged in the polls, becoming the candidate with the highest probability to win the Democratic primary. Continue reading “Is Joe Biden Good for Cannabis Stocks?”