4 Cannabis Stocks With The Best Chance To Be The Next Starbucks

Back in 1991, very few people had heard of a company called Starbucks.

After all, what kind of fool would pay more than $2 for a cup of coffee? Particularly when you could brew a cup at home.

Today, Starbucks is a billion-dollar global leader and one of the most recognized consumer brands in the world. Early investors have been rewarded with life-changing gains.

Shares are up almost 17,000% in the last 25 years. Investing $10,000 at the IPO in 1991 would be worth $1.7 million today. $25,000 would have grown into $4.4 million. Take a look at the big gains below.


This is my model for investing in cannabis stocks.

I’m looking for the next Starbucks. I call this big game hunting. I’m looking for a White Whale.

After this week, I’m convinced I know exactly where it’s going to come from.

Canada Is On The Verge Of Its Biggest Cannabis Breakthrough Ever

Countries across the globe are duking it out for early leadership in the high-growth cannabis industry.

That’s no surprise. Billions in annual tax revenue are at stake.

From the field, no other country comes close to dominating like Canada.

Medical marijuana has been legal in the country since 2001. This still hasn’t happened in the U.S. 15 years later.

In July of 2013, Canada implemented the MMPR (Medical Marijuana Purposes Regulation), a dedicated federal agency to regulate the production and distribution of medical marijuana.

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