4 Cannabis Stocks With The Best Chance To Be The Next Starbucks

Back in 1991, very few people had heard of a company called Starbucks.

After all, what kind of fool would pay more than $2 for a cup of coffee? Particularly when you could brew a cup at home.

Today, Starbucks is a billion-dollar global leader and one of the most recognized consumer brands in the world. Early investors have been rewarded with life-changing gains.

Shares are up almost 17,000% in the last 25 years. Investing $10,000 at the IPO in 1991 would be worth $1.7 million today. $25,000 would have grown into $4.4 million. Take a look at the big gains below.


This is my model for investing in cannabis stocks.

I’m looking for the next Starbucks. I call this big game hunting. I’m looking for a White Whale.

After this week, I’m convinced I know exactly where it’s going to come from.

Canada Is On The Verge Of Its Biggest Cannabis Breakthrough Ever

Countries across the globe are duking it out for early leadership in the high-growth cannabis industry.

That’s no surprise. Billions in annual tax revenue are at stake.

From the field, no other country comes close to dominating like Canada.

Medical marijuana has been legal in the country since 2001. This still hasn’t happened in the U.S. 15 years later.

In July of 2013, Canada implemented the MMPR (Medical Marijuana Purposes Regulation), a dedicated federal agency to regulate the production and distribution of medical marijuana.

These events have given birth to a thriving industry servicing hundreds of thousands of patients and generating tens of millions in tax revenue every year.

Today, Canada’s cannabis industry is on the verge of its biggest breakthrough ever.

This week the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation presented a highly anticipated report to the Ministers of Health, Justice and Public safety on how the federal government should move forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis in the country.

The report makes more than 80 recommendations. That includes setting 18 as a legal age to purchase, restricting advertising similar to tobacco products, establishing uniform packaging and labels and setting maximum THC levels.

Canada could vote of legalizing recreational cannabis as early as this spring. This report creates a roadmap for the industry. I believe that increases the probability of an approval.

That would make Canada the first country in North America to legalize recreational.

That would have huge implications for Canada’s fast-growing cannabis industry.

A new study from consulting firm Deloitte projects that annual sales in Canada could immediately be around $5 billion, equal to hard alcohol sales and as much as $9 billion, equal to wine sales.

More important, a yes vote would create a legal and operating platform for Canada’s cannabis companies to expand into international markets and grow into global leaders.

This is critical knowledge for cannabis investors to understand.

There are more than 250 stocks in the global cannabis market.

Every week, new companies enter the industry.

Trying to pick winners and losers from that list is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Instead of endlessly sifting through hundreds of worthless penny stocks in the U.S., where cannabis is still illegal in all forms, “big game hunters” searching for the Starbucks of cannabis should focus on Canada.

This is why I own a number of these stocks (disclosed below).

It’s the reason I have been buying these stocks for my wealth management clients at the Vodicka Group, Inc.

It’s the reason these stocks will be the core of the model portfolio we are getting ready to launch through Cannabis Stock Trades Premium.

For the time being, here is a list of the four largest Canadian medical marijuana companies.

Top 4 Canadian Medical Marijuana Stocks

Company Ticker Market Cap
Canopy Growth Corp CGC $1.2 Billion
Aurora Cannabis ACB $590 Million
Aphria APH $482 Million
Organigram OGI $191 Million

Please keep these stocks on your radar. I believe they are in position to grow into global leaders. That could translate into massive gains for early shareholders.

Disclosure: Michael Vodicka owns shares of CGC, APH, and OGI.