2020 U.S. Election is Massive Catalyst for Cannabis Stocks

  • The U.S. presidential election should be a huge catalyst for the cannabis industry, with up to 7 states voting on legalization.
  • Biden-Sander’s Unity Plan would basically legalize cannabis in the U.S.
  • Some of the best stocks in the industry are trading more than 50% below the 52-week high.
  • Not all cannabis stocks will do well – investors need to know which companies are set to prosper and which ones will fail.

I see two powerful catalysts directly on the horizon for cannabis stocks and an elite group of cannabis stocks are already starting to take off. For anyone who does not already own these stocks, there is still time to get in. Continue reading “2020 U.S. Election is Massive Catalyst for Cannabis Stocks”

Jeff Sessions Cole Memo Update – Cannabis Stock Trades

Greetings Friends,
Cannabis stocks took a hit today after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo – legislation that basically makes it illegal for the Feds to go after state cannabis programs.
In the short run cannabis stocks are down. But in the long run I don’t think this will have any impact on the cannabis industry or the potential of cannabis stocks.
Here’s a video with some more thoughts.

Canada to Legalize Cannabis by July 2018

The cannabis industry scored a huge victory this week. And if my analysis is correct, cannabis stocks are setting up for a big rally in the next few weeks and even bigger rally in the long run. Let me explain.

On Sunday night, news leaked that on April 10 Canada will announce plans to legalize recreational cannabis by July of 2018. Here’s some coverage from CBCNews if you’d like to take a closer look. Continue reading “Canada to Legalize Cannabis by July 2018”

Cannabis Stocks Are Officially On Sale

If you are the kind of person who loves getting a great deal, the cannabis sector is calling your name.

Cannabis stocks are officially on sale.

This blast of weakness has been driven by two things.

There are still lingering concerns over US drug policy after some questionable comments on cannabis enforcement from White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer.

I think these concerns are overblown – read my full trump analysis – but none the less, it has definitely been a lingering concern and weighed on cannabis stocks. Continue reading “Cannabis Stocks Are Officially On Sale”

First Ever Australian Cannabis Stock Set to Lead Industry

Cannabis legalization isn’t just happening in the U.S and Canada. It’s happening all across the world. It seems like every month or so a new country joins the party.

For example, In early 2016 Colombia’s Congress voted to legalize cannabis for medical and scientific purposes.

In the Middle East, Israel is decriminalizing cannabis for recreational purposes.

In late January, Germany passed a bill legalizing the production, sale, and use of medical cannabis. Continue reading “First Ever Australian Cannabis Stock Set to Lead Industry”

Ignored Cannabis Sub-Industry Projected to Grow 700% in 4 Years

Honey my head hurts, can you please pass me the hemp oil?

I bet you’ve never heard that before.

But if an early leader in the U.S. cannabis industry has its way – you definitely will.

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is an extract from a hemp plant. While it does not get you stoned, researchers and patients alike are finding that it has widespread medical benefits. Continue reading “Ignored Cannabis Sub-Industry Projected to Grow 700% in 4 Years”

Trump Admin Nothing for Cannabis Industry to Fear

The cannabis industry is more sensitive to political news than other industries. With cannabis still in the early stages of global legalization – when politicians make formal or informal comments about the industry – cannabis stocks respond.

That’s what we saw this weekend.

Last Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about the conflict between state and federal cannabis laws. Continue reading “Trump Admin Nothing for Cannabis Industry to Fear”

3 Cannabis Stocks Ready to Hit a New 52-Week High

I was a derivatives trader for a billion-dollar trading firm at the Chicago Board of Trade for three years in my late twenties.

It was a crazy job. My job was to make huge bets all day long in highly volatile markets.

The key to this position was the chart.

I would hunt for specific formations on the chart, looking for stocks, bonds, commodities, or currencies ready to break out into a new high or break down into a new low. Continue reading “3 Cannabis Stocks Ready to Hit a New 52-Week High”

North American Cannabis Stock Index Already Up 5% In 2017

Cannabis stocks are off to a good start in 2017.

After gaining 4.2% in January, the MJIC North American Cannabis Stock Index is now up more than 5% on the year.

Although that’s a great return for any ‘normal’ stock index, it might not jump off the page after cannabis stocks delivered big returns in 2016.

However, looking below the surface, you’ll see plenty of cannabis stocks have been burning up the charts in 2017. Continue reading “North American Cannabis Stock Index Already Up 5% In 2017”