BBM Trade Closed With 92% Gain

On February 2, 2019, I sent a member alert that we were buying Blueberries Medical Corp. (BBM) for our model portfolio.

I knew this rare play on the high-growth Colombian cannabis industry would be a highly speculative trade, but I believed that we’d see a move towards the upside.

We entered BBM at $0.41. The stock continued to explode up the chart.

On March 25th, 2019, I closed the BBM trade in our model portfolio at $0.79 for a 92% gain and sent members a sell alert.

BBM Portfolio Return

I still think Blueberries Medical Corp. is a super strong stock, but I felt like quick run-up was a great time to capture profits and wait until a new buy opportunity presented itself.

When the time is right, I will alert my CST members and add BBM back to the model portfolio.

I am always monitoring stocks in our model portfolio and looking for new opportunities that provide the best potential for members.

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Our Raving Fans

CST has been helping members navigate the volatile world of cannabis stocks and continues to receive praise from members.

“THANK YOU MIKE!!! I have been following your advice for over 2 years, since inception. Keep up the STELLAR GREEN work!!!”
– Adam H.

CONGRATULATIONS MIKE! You just hit 100% ‘PROFIT’ on your portfolio, you’re making good picks and good choices. AND I am totally profiting off of your daily feedback, THANK YOU and keep up the great work!!!
– Shannon M.

Thank you for helping those of us who know somethings but not always have the time or contacts or $$$$$.
– Lynn C.

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Michael Vodicka
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