Ayr Wellness (AYRWF) Wants To Dominate the East Coast

Ayr Wellness (AYRWF) is making a name for itself on the East Coast. As of Q3 2021, this vertically integrated operator had 67 dispensaries in their name, 44 of which were in Florida alone.

The company has a presence in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and recently moved its headquarters to New York.

As new states began to accept license applications, Ayr may ramp up expansion plans and gobble up East Coast market share.
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Trulieve’s Sunny State Partnership

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (TCNNF) is teaming up with Connected Cannabis Co. to sell their products in Trulieve’s 111 Florida dispensaries.

This partnership helps Connected reach customers on the East Coast and expands Trulieve’s offerings at their already thriving locations. Continue reading “Trulieve’s Sunny State Partnership”

Tilray Maintains #1 Position in Canada

Tilray, Inc. (TLRY), now Tilray Brands, Inc., announced good news during its Q2 fiscal 2022 earnings call.

CEO Irwin Simon applauded Tilray’s ability to maintain status with the #1 cannabis market share in Canada. In addition, he said, “Our second quarter performance reflects notable success building high-quality and highly sought-after cannabis and lifestyle CPG brands.” Continue reading “Tilray Maintains #1 Position in Canada”

Organigram Sees Spike in Adult-Use Sales

According to Organigram (OGI), Canadian adult-use sales are on the rise. The company’s sales rocketed more than 70% in the same period YoY. Quarterly net revenue topped $30M (CAD). Continue reading “Organigram Sees Spike in Adult-Use Sales”

Falling Cannabis Sales Point to Tilray’s (TLRY) Miss

It’s no secret that Tilray’s cannabis sales have been dropping in Canada. In the quarter that ended Nov. 30, Tilray (TLRY) reported net revenue of $155.1M. This figure is considerably lower than consensus expectations of $170M. Tilray correlates the miss with coronavirus-related headwinds, supply-chain issues, and a lower share of the key Canadian market.

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Tilray, Canopy, and Aurora Have 2022 Forecasts Cut

The three largest cannabis producers in Canada just had their 2022 sales forecasts cut by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tilray (TLRY), Canopy (CGC), and Aurora (ACB) have come under pressure from falling stock prices, poor execution by executive teams, and an increasingly competitive landscape across the adult-use industry.

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StandardC Network Establishes $200M Cannabis Lending Fund

While most lenders have restrained from servicing or extending credit to the state-licensed cannabis industry, StandardC’s lending network has broken new ground, offering cost-effective financing.

StandardC’s lending partner has extended a $5 million loan from their newly established $200M fund to a leading marijuana cultivator in a groundbreaking move.

Robert Mann, CEO of StandardC, said, “for too long, the cannabis industry has been unable to obtain loans and lines of credit without paying a ‘Cannabis Tax’ where lenders charge exorbitant interest and fees. Our network is enabling a consortium of lenders that can offer cost-effective real estate loans, lines of credit, and more.”

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Could Sundial’s Acquisition of Alcanna Be A Saving Grace?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sundial Growers (SNDL) hasn’t been a star in the cannabis sector over the last few years, even if it has grabbed the occasional spotlight on Reddit. However, Sundial’s proposed acquisition of Alcanna (LQSIF), Canada’s largest private liquor retailer, may take the company to the next level. Continue reading “Could Sundial’s Acquisition of Alcanna Be A Saving Grace?”

MedMen Backs Out of Ascend Wellness Deal

There is trouble a-brewing between Ascend Wellness Holdings (AAWH) and MedMen Enterprises Inc (MMNFF). Despite Ascends’ repeated attempts to close a deal to invest approximately $73M in MedMen NY, a MedMen subsidiary, MedMen is “refusing to close an is attempting to terminate the transaction.” Continue reading “MedMen Backs Out of Ascend Wellness Deal”

Curaleaf’s Mislabeling Mistake

Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF) may be facing a wrongful death lawsuit regarding the mislabeling of a CBD tincture. The company recalled approximately 500 bottles on September 21, 2021.

The company pointed to human error as the root cause of the mislabeling and worked directly with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) to immediately remove the items in question from sale. Continue reading “Curaleaf’s Mislabeling Mistake”