Tilray, Canopy, and Aurora Have 2022 Forecasts Cut

The three largest cannabis producers in Canada just had their 2022 sales forecasts cut by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tilray (TLRY), Canopy (CGC), and Aurora (ACB) have come under pressure from falling stock prices, poor execution by executive teams, and an increasingly competitive landscape across the adult-use industry.

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StandardC Network Establishes $200M Cannabis Lending Fund

While most lenders have restrained from servicing or extending credit to the state-licensed cannabis industry, StandardC’s lending network has broken new ground, offering cost-effective financing.

StandardC’s lending partner has extended a $5 million loan from their newly established $200M fund to a leading marijuana cultivator in a groundbreaking move.

Robert Mann, CEO of StandardC, said, “for too long, the cannabis industry has been unable to obtain loans and lines of credit without paying a ‘Cannabis Tax’ where lenders charge exorbitant interest and fees. Our network is enabling a consortium of lenders that can offer cost-effective real estate loans, lines of credit, and more.”

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DEA Approves Two Companies To Harvest Cannabis

For more than 50 years, there has only been one DEA-approved facility legally allowed to grow cannabis for research purposes.

However, in May of 2020,  several companies received conditional approvals for their applications after the DEA said it would be taking steps to end that monopoly and authorize additional manufacturers.

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10 Trends To Keep An Eye On In The Cannabis Sector

Cannabis Stock Going Up

Will 2022 be the breakout year for the cannabis industry? It’s hard to say as we start a new year, but there are some industry trends getting investors’ attention.

Top 10 Trends for 2022

1. M&A will march on.

2. Brands will grow across all sectors, including cultivation, retail, and infused products.

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3 Governors Tout Their Marijuana Reform Accomplishments

Man Putting His Vote in the Ballot Box

Legalization, on a federal level, didn’t happen for cannabis in 2021, but numerous states implemented several reforms, including adult-use legalization.

That was reason enough for the governors of New Jersey, New Mexico, and Connecticut to celebrate on Twitter as they looked back on the last day of the year for 2021. Continue reading “3 Governors Tout Their Marijuana Reform Accomplishments”

Could Sundial’s Acquisition of Alcanna Be A Saving Grace?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sundial Growers (SNDL) hasn’t been a star in the cannabis sector over the last few years, even if it has grabbed the occasional spotlight on Reddit. However, Sundial’s proposed acquisition of Alcanna (LQSIF), Canada’s largest private liquor retailer, may take the company to the next level. Continue reading “Could Sundial’s Acquisition of Alcanna Be A Saving Grace?”

MedMen Backs Out of Ascend Wellness Deal

There is trouble a-brewing between Ascend Wellness Holdings (AAWH) and MedMen Enterprises Inc (MMNFF). Despite Ascends’ repeated attempts to close a deal to invest approximately $73M in MedMen NY, a MedMen subsidiary, MedMen is “refusing to close an is attempting to terminate the transaction.” Continue reading “MedMen Backs Out of Ascend Wellness Deal”

Oregon Is Investing in Illegal Grower Takedowns

Oregon isn’t playing around anymore when it comes to illegal cannabis growers. The Oregon Legislature has approved $25M through the “Illegal Marijuana Market Enforcement Grant Program” to shutdown growers operating outside state regulations. Continue reading “Oregon Is Investing in Illegal Grower Takedowns”