Marijuana industry keeps a wary eye on how Trump will respond to pot legalization

With the news of Donald Trump’s presidency settling in across Colorado and the nation, some marijuana advocacy groups and industry insiders are feeling anxious about recreational and medical pot under the uncertainty of what a Trump administration — and Republican Congress — will mean for their business.

Trump has said he favors states’ rights and indicated he would not dismantle existing marijuana regulations, but some of his past statements and political allies have raised concerns in the industry.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, for instance, who is leading Trump’s White House transition team, was adamant while he was seeking the Republican presidential nomination that he would seek to enforce federal pot laws.

“I really don’t know,” Bob Eschino, co-owner of the edibles brand Incredibles, Colorado’s largest edibles company, said of what to expect under Trump. “It’s really going to come from the Senate and the Congress and the people that are making the rules. I would think that Trump as a businessman would be all for states rights and job creation and everything we’ve been able to do in Colorado. But some of the other people that are involved with him, I question that.”

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