870% Gain for TLRY in One Month

There is no doubt it – 2018 has been a great year for cannabis stocks so far.

This industry provides tremendous promise for investors who can stomach the volatility AND know which stocks to hold and which to abandon.

While some traders bailed when we saw the last pullback, CST members were assured that this big move was right around the corner!

On July 19, 2018, a Trade Alert went out to Cannabis Stock Trades members letting them know that we were adding Tilray Corp (TLRY) to the model portfolio at $22.05. Learn more about becoming a member.

Since then, TLRY has skyrocketed, pumping an insane 870% gain for our members as of the close on September 19. 2019.

Members have been riding this rocket and are waiting for their next move.

It’s not too late to see gains like this – the cannabis industry is still in its infancy.

And trades like this are still coming down the pipeline.

Investors that know which stocks to buy, when to take profits, and when to leave a stock alone have the opportunity of a lifetime!

We invite you to see our entire cannabis model portfolio, receive our Trade Alerts, and read exclusive analysis with a trial membership to Cannabis Stock Trades.