Alabama Commission Considers Medical Marijuana Proposal

A 15-person panel in Alabama convened for the first time Tuesday to consider whether medical marijuana is right for the state.

The panel, known as the Medical Cannabis Study Commission, was born out of a bill to legalize medical cannabis that was introduced in the Alabama state legislature earlier this year. As lawmakers called for more information, the legislation was shifted from a proposal to legalize medical marijuana to instead appoint a commission to study the issue. Continue reading “Alabama Commission Considers Medical Marijuana Proposal”

Alabama’s Jefferson County Will No Longer Prosecute Marijuana Misdemeanors

If you needed any more proof that law enforcement agencies across the United States are going in on cannabis decriminalization, how’s this? On Monday, Alabama’s Jefferson County — where more people live than any other county in the state — announced that it not be making arrests for nonviolent misdemeanors anymore. Continue reading “Alabama’s Jefferson County Will No Longer Prosecute Marijuana Misdemeanors”