Parts Of Colorado Approve New Marijuana Taxes

Voters in multiple parts of Colorado approved new marijuana taxes that will hike prices for consumers in those areas. Eagle County, Colorado is suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues. They’re hoping the new marijuana taxes that were approved will help fund programs that will save the town. However, it still begs the question: Are taxes on legal marijuana getting too high? Continue reading “Parts Of Colorado Approve New Marijuana Taxes”

The Predicted Rush of Michigan Cannabis Farmers

Are Michigan cannabis farmers about to hit gold? Or will their state’s law enforcement do everything in their power to shut them down before they can reach their full potential?

A New Green Rush?

The powers-that-be in the state aren’t holding back their opinion that cannabis is no good.

Officially, authorities in Michigan are wasting no effort in discouraging the state’s citizens from seeking solace in legal medical cannabis. Or discouraging Michigan cannabis farmers.  Continue reading “The Predicted Rush of Michigan Cannabis Farmers”

Why California’s Legal Weed May Cost More

Despite the many stories about the recent drop in weed prices, some in the industry fear that cultivation, production, and retail regulations could drive up weed prices in California—just when consumers can finally buy it legally.

Jonathan Rubin of New Leaf Data Services thinks prices will go up because of compliance costs and testing.

“I can almost guarantee bottlenecks in testing and permits,” Rubin told LA Weekly. Continue reading “Why California’s Legal Weed May Cost More”

California Bill Seeks to Ban Branded Cannabis Merchandise

A lot of weed design artists are wondering if their services will soon not be needed, or worse, banned, if California Senate Bill 162 is approved. The bill seeks to impose restrictions on marketing, labeling and even the shape of a pot leaf on products, in an effort to reduce its attractiveness to the under-21 crowd. Continue reading “California Bill Seeks to Ban Branded Cannabis Merchandise”

Report: Marijuana Employs More Workers than These Major Industries

Marijuana workers of the United States! If you were to unite, there would be more of you than there are massage therapists, bakers or other classic paths to the middle class.

Legalization advocates have long touted cannabis’s value as a potent job generator—a very meaningful promise in areas that have never fully recovered from the Great Recession and the steady transformation of good, single-earner careers into “gig work,” temp work and other sad excuses for meaningful work provided by late-capitalism. Continue reading “Report: Marijuana Employs More Workers than These Major Industries”

Instagram Hackers Target Weed Business Accounts

Instagram hacking has more than doubled since last year with large accounts falling victim to intruders, especially accounts connected to the weed industry.

Why? Because weed-related accounts tend to have a lot of followers and happen to be connected to legit companies that are still forced to deal only in cash. Continue reading “Instagram Hackers Target Weed Business Accounts”

Oregon Marijuana Sales Far Exceed Expectations

Legal cannabis sales in America continue to be brisk in every state where the drug is sold over-the-counter—and they continue to defy expectations.

American consumers have a far greater appetite for marijuana than economists, accountants and other estimators thought. As sales figures from Oregon reveal, actual legal cannabis sales have outstripped some projections by more than six times. Continue reading “Oregon Marijuana Sales Far Exceed Expectations”

First Country in the World Authorizes Pharmacies to Sell Pot Over the Counter

Uruguay was the first country in the world to completely legalize weed nearly four years ago under former President José Mujica, who was in many ways the law’s architect.

Now, Uruguay will become the first country in the world to legally sell cannabis over the counter in pharmacies. Continue reading “First Country in the World Authorizes Pharmacies to Sell Pot Over the Counter”