2 Earnings-Beating Cannabis Stocks Ready to Move

It’s one of Wall Street’s best-kept secrets – a studied market anomaly that helps investors ride a move after a company reports an earnings surprise. And right now looks like a great time to apply this strategy to the cannabis sector after two of the most exciting cannabis stocks just crushed fourth-quarter expectations.

I’m talking about post-earnings announcement drift (PEAD) – the tendency for stocks that beat earnings expectations to deliver outsized returns in the following weeks and months. Continue reading “2 Earnings-Beating Cannabis Stocks Ready to Move”

Legalized Cannabis Remains a Burning Topic for Employers

With the possibility of legalized cannabis under federal law in the coming years, workplace policy changes are also in question.

The legalization of cannabis isn’t an “if” but a “when” issue for employers in most states.

While its legalization creates confusion for many employers, there are conversations they can have to prepare ahead of time. The Midwest Business Group on Health convened a session Feb. 12 with human resources and medical professionals to discuss the legalization of medical cannabis and how employers should approach changing their drug-related policies. Continue reading “Legalized Cannabis Remains a Burning Topic for Employers”

U.S. Marijuana Companies Go Public in Canada

Green Thumb Industries had a business plan, expertise and plenty of ambition to grow its marijuana business. What the Chicago-based company didn’t have was access to enough capital to make it all happen.

So last month, the company with $20 million in revenue from pot shops in seven states turned its gaze north and went public in Canada, where marijuana soon will be broadly legalized nationwide. Continue reading “U.S. Marijuana Companies Go Public in Canada”