Bipartisan Cannabis Business Banking Bill Goes to House Committee

On Tuesday, March 26th, the House Financial Service Committee will take up, debate and vote on the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, a bi-partisan bill addressing the cannabis industry’s banking crisis. A yes vote on the SAFE Act would represent a crucial milestone in federal marijuana policy and pave the way for major financial institutions to work with legal cannabis businesses. But just days ahead of the committee markup, a key sponsor of the bill moved to add provisions that would help to further diversity and inclusion across the industry. Continue reading “Bipartisan Cannabis Business Banking Bill Goes to House Committee”

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Have Arrived In Iowa

Iowa is now home to five medical marijuana dispensaries. They were approved under a law passed last March, permitting the sale of specific cannabis-derived products to those suffering from qualifying conditions including untreatable pain, side effects of cancer, seizures, ALS, and others. Continue reading “Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Have Arrived In Iowa”

Homegrown Marijuana Takes Hit In Swedish High Court

The trial of a paralyzed man who was prosecuted by Swedish authorities for self-medicating with cannabis recently sparked debate over the right to cultivate medicinal herb in the Scandinavian nation. Now Sweden’s Supreme Court has just ruled against the defendant, dealing a blow to the right to self-medicate. Continue reading “Homegrown Marijuana Takes Hit In Swedish High Court”

Defense Bill Could Allow Soldiers To Use Medical Marijuana In Combat

Although the cannabis plant remains illegal in the eyes of the federal government, there is a new defense bill on the table calling for soldiers on active duty to be allowed the use of experimental medications, including medical marijuana, while in the trenches of battle. Yes, you read that right: Soldiers might soon be allowed to use medical marijuana in combat.
Continue reading “Defense Bill Could Allow Soldiers To Use Medical Marijuana In Combat”

Parts Of Colorado Approve New Marijuana Taxes

Voters in multiple parts of Colorado approved new marijuana taxes that will hike prices for consumers in those areas. Eagle County, Colorado is suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues. They’re hoping the new marijuana taxes that were approved will help fund programs that will save the town. However, it still begs the question: Are taxes on legal marijuana getting too high? Continue reading “Parts Of Colorado Approve New Marijuana Taxes”

Peru Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana

The voices of Peruvian protestors are finally being heard. The country’s conservative Congress passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana on Thursday. The vote won in a landslide with a 68-5 vote in favor of allowing oil from the plant to be produced, imported and commercialized.

The momentum for legal medical marijuana came from Peruvian mothers that want access to safer medicine. Continue reading “Peru Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana”

Experts Predict the Next 5 States to Legalize Weed

In the United States, cannabis legalization is spreading like wildfire (sorry, California), and now experts predict the next five states to legalize weed. There is currently a grand total of eight states, plus Washington D.C., that have successfully passed recreational cannabis. So now, the question on everyone’s mind is: who’s going to be next?

Trying to predict political and legal outcomes is a national pastime.

In recent years, cannabis acceptance has been making strides. And as a result, the legalization of recreational weed has been spreading. So far, there are eight states (out of 50) which now allow adults to purchase marijuana without a medical card. The states that have passed recreational weed are Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada. Recreational cannabis is also legal in Washington, DC. Continue reading “Experts Predict the Next 5 States to Legalize Weed”

Start-Up Slow for Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Program

No purses or briefcases allowed. Only transparent trash bags can be used. Randomized routes and delivery times demanded for the product, moved in unmarked vehicles. Constant surveillance expected.

Piecing together a medical marijuana program in a conservative Southern state like Louisiana involves reams of regulations, tightly-controlled growing operations and a slow selection process for the primary players. Continue reading “Start-Up Slow for Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Program”

Will Vermont Be the Next State to Legalize Marijuana?

Earlier this year, Vermont’s governor Phil Scott, a Republican, decided to veto a bill that would have legalized marijuana. A blow was dealt to Vermonters in support of legalization. Fortunately, not all hope was lost. The governor sent the bill back to the legislature for changes to be made. He claims that he isn’t “philosophically opposed to ending the prohibition on marijuana.” Continue reading “Will Vermont Be the Next State to Legalize Marijuana?”

Colorado’s Ban on Weed Gummy Bears Goes Into Effect This Weekend

Remember how we told you all that Colorado was banning weed gummy bears? Well, that new piece of cannabis legislation goes into effect this weekend. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, or if you thought all of this talk about banning weed-infused candy was just rumor and hoax, we are about to fill you in.

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