Cannabis Stocks Spiking on Hopes for Banking Bill

The U.S. cannabis industry is on the verge of its biggest win of 2021.

It looks like some major cannabis legislation has a strong possibility of being passed in the next few weeks – and if it does pass, it could set the stage for a monster cannabis stock rally into the end of the year.

The bill in question is the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Act, commonly referred to as the Safe Act. The Safe Act is one of the most popular cannabis bills and it has widespread support from both Democrats and Republicans. Continue reading “Cannabis Stocks Spiking on Hopes for Banking Bill”

Cannabis Stocks Gain 6% in First Half of 2021

Cannabis stocks eked out a small gain in the first half of 2021. But the path to that small gain was quite bumpy.

The sector was on fire early in the year after the Democrats took the White House and both chambers of Congress. At one point in early February, the Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF (NYSE: MSOS) was up more than 50%.

However, after hitting the new 52-week high, cannabis stocks fell into a bear market. After falling for most of the last three months, the Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF closed the first half of 2021 with a 6% gain. Continue reading “Cannabis Stocks Gain 6% in First Half of 2021”

5 Reasons It’s Time to Buy Cannabis Stocks

For the last few years, the cannabis sector has experienced extended periods of strength followed by large pullbacks that lasted on average three to six months. During this period, buying cannabis stocks on a pullback has been a highly effective strategy.

Today, investors want to know if this a good time to buy cannabis stocks…

The short answer is yes.

I see five powerful catalysts that tell me this is a great time to buy cannabis stocks. Continue reading “5 Reasons It’s Time to Buy Cannabis Stocks”

Cannabis Stocks on Sale after 20% Decline

For investors who love getting a good deal, this is an excellent time to take a fresh look at cannabis stocks.

After an incredible 12-month run higher from March of 2020 to February of 2021, cannabis stocks have entered a bear market – defined as a 20% or more decline from the 52-week high.

The Advisors Shares Pure U.S. Cannabis ETF (MSOS) is down 21% from the 52-week high in mid-February. Take a look at the 6-month chart below – you can see the all-time high from February and the recent decline. Continue reading “Cannabis Stocks on Sale after 20% Decline”