Ohio Blows Past Medical Marijuana Deadline

While Ohio blew past the deadline Saturday for rolling out its medical marijuana program, the pot industry is confident greener days are coming soon.

It’s not uncommon for states’ marijuana programs to be delayed, sometimes for years, by legal, regulatory or logistical snags, said Tom Rosenberger, executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association of Ohio. Continue reading “Ohio Blows Past Medical Marijuana Deadline”

7 Reasons Why Ohio Won’t Be Selling Medical Marijuana This Week

Ohio had a plan.

Sell medical marijuana to patients suffering from cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder and epilepsy. Set up a well-regulated, safe industry. Do it all in two years. Start this Saturday.

But that didn’t happen. Patients won’t have medical cannabis in their hands by the Sept. 8 deadline set by lawmakers when they passed a bill legalizing the treatment more than two years ago. Continue reading “7 Reasons Why Ohio Won’t Be Selling Medical Marijuana This Week”

Ohio Issues Large Medical Marijuana Grow Licenses

After months of waiting and speculation, state regulators have decided who will grow medical marijuana in Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Commerce on Thursday announced 12 winners of “level I” cultivation licenses for up to 25,000 square feet of growing space.

Continue reading “Ohio Issues Large Medical Marijuana Grow Licenses”