Data-Driven Growth Strategies for Medical Cannabis Providers

Many cannabis manufacturers and dispensary owners I talk to don’t have a direct sales team; most don’t like making sales visits or calls to key physicians and virtually all say they don’t have the time to do more on the development side of their business. Does this sound like you or your practice?

As competition between post-acute health care providers continues to tighten and the market for medical cannabis and CBD expands, medical cannabis providers must begin to think differently about where their business comes from and how they seek out and cultivate new business opportunities. Continue reading “Data-Driven Growth Strategies for Medical Cannabis Providers”

Gen Z Will Be the Ultimate Pot Consumers

America’s Generation Z is coming of age in a whole new world of weed.

This large cohort, which already has big-time spending power as the oldest age into high school and college, is formulating its consumption habits at a time when marijuana muscles into the mainstream. Unlike their Gen X or Boomer parents, Gen Z shoppers have only known a time where cannabis is edging toward acceptance, with California voting to legalize medical use in 1996—a year before even the oldest Gen Z consumers were born. Continue reading “Gen Z Will Be the Ultimate Pot Consumers”

CBD’s National Rollout Requires Execution, Not Just Excitement

With CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid all moving in lock step with CBD products, general retailers are now required to develop their own CBD related strategies. Such was the focus at last week’s CBD and the Future of Cannabis conference, where convenience store operators learned more about the opportunities with CBD. And for a group that has seen their already slim margins shrink due to lower cigarette sales, CBD offers a new high-growth itemnto stock. Continue reading “CBD’s National Rollout Requires Execution, Not Just Excitement”