Tilray Maintains #1 Position in Canada

Tilray, Inc. (TLRY), now Tilray Brands, Inc., announced good news during its Q2 fiscal 2022 earnings call.

CEO Irwin Simon applauded Tilray’s ability to maintain status with the #1 cannabis market share in Canada. In addition, he said, “Our second quarter performance reflects notable success building high-quality and highly sought-after cannabis and lifestyle CPG brands.” Continue reading “Tilray Maintains #1 Position in Canada”

Falling Cannabis Sales Point to Tilray’s (TLRY) Miss

It’s no secret that Tilray’s cannabis sales have been dropping in Canada. In the quarter that ended Nov. 30, Tilray (TLRY) reported net revenue of $155.1M. This figure is considerably lower than consensus expectations of $170M. Tilray correlates the miss with coronavirus-related headwinds, supply-chain issues, and a lower share of the key Canadian market.

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Tilray, Canopy, and Aurora Have 2022 Forecasts Cut

The three largest cannabis producers in Canada just had their 2022 sales forecasts cut by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tilray (TLRY), Canopy (CGC), and Aurora (ACB) have come under pressure from falling stock prices, poor execution by executive teams, and an increasingly competitive landscape across the adult-use industry.

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Cannabis Leader Jumps 26% in One Day – More to Come?

Cannabis earnings season just got off to a great start, with one of the world’s largest cannabis companies reporting a big surprise. That sent shares of this early global leader up by 26% in just one day.

While that’s impressive on its own, according to one of Wall Street’s best-kept secrets, this stock is headed for more gains. Continue reading “Cannabis Leader Jumps 26% in One Day – More to Come?”

Is This Heavily Shorted Cannabis Stock the Next GameStop?

If you are impressed with GameStop’s (GME) meteoric 2,300% gain in a little over two weeks then you need to know about a similar trade that is currently setting up in the cannabis sector.

I am going to reveal two of the most shorted cannabis stocks and explain why a GameStop-style, short squeeze could send shares soaring.

The cannabis sector has long been a favorite target of short sellers. In 2019, and the first half of 2020, this was a very profitable strategy. Continue reading “Is This Heavily Shorted Cannabis Stock the Next GameStop?”

High Park Farms™ Receives Cannabis Sales License from Health Canada

High Park Farms™ Ltd., a subsidiary of Tilray, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY), announced today that it has received its sales license from Health Canada to sell cannabis under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). The license will allow High Park Farms to supply and sell finished cannabis products within the ACMPR as well as sales in anticipation of the launch of the adult-use market in Canada upon its legalization on October 17, 2018. Continue reading “High Park Farms™ Receives Cannabis Sales License from Health Canada”

870% Gain for TLRY in One Month

There is no doubt it – 2018 has been a great year for cannabis stocks so far.

This industry provides tremendous promise for investors who can stomach the volatility AND know which stocks to hold and which to abandon.

While some traders bailed when we saw the last pullback, CST members were assured that this big move was right around the corner!

On July 19, 2018, a Trade Alert went out to Cannabis Stock Trades members letting them know that we were adding Tilray Corp (TLRY) to the model portfolio at $22.05. Learn more about becoming a member.

Since then, TLRY has skyrocketed, pumping an insane 870% gain for our members as of the close on September 19. 2019.

Members have been riding this rocket and are waiting for their next move.

It’s not too late to see gains like this – the cannabis industry is still in its infancy.

And trades like this are still coming down the pipeline.

Investors that know which stocks to buy, when to take profits, and when to leave a stock alone have the opportunity of a lifetime!

We invite you to see our entire cannabis model portfolio, receive our Trade Alerts, and read exclusive analysis with a trial membership to Cannabis Stock Trades.