Tax-Free Marijuana Is Hitting Nevada Thanks to Native Americans

A tribal Cannabis consulting firm in Nevada has helped arrange key compacts with Native American tribes. Tribal Cannabis Consulting (TCC) is a national consulting firm specializing in Native American cannabis policy. It successfully established the first cannabis compacts between the Nevada Governor’s Office and the Ely Shoshone and Yerington Paiute tribes. The compacts were recently signed by Nevada’s Governor, authorized under Senate Bill 375. Tribal Cannabis Consulting is led by Cassandra Dittus, co-founder and president, in partnership with Joseph Dice, co-owner. In Nevada and elsewhere, Native American tribes are sparking Marijuana businesses.

During the 2017 Nevada legislative session, Dittus lobbied with senators, assemblymen, and tribal leaders to pass Senate Bill 375, despite multiple opposition groups. The law opened the gateway between tribes and Nevada to work together with TCC to compose the historic tribal cannabis compacts. Tribal Cannabis Consulting offers a full spectrum of industry needs in Native American communities. The firm helps tribes to set up their own regulatory systems, and to expand their economic presence in the national cannabis market.

From writing regulatory codes to training tribes on how to issue medical cards, TCC assists with the creation of all government components in conjunction with traditional dispensary and cultivation operational services. Dittus spent nine years battling cancer, before a bone marrow transplant saved her life. Since then, she has helped build seed-to-sale tracking systems, run commercial dispensary and cultivation facilities, infusion centers, and licensed more than 45 legal cannabis operations. [Read more at Forbes]

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Source: Tax-Free Marijuana Is Hitting Nevada Thanks to Native Americans